About Us


Since 2004, the Early Development Research Group has been advancing knowledge of how language, learning, and social understanding develop in infants and children. We’re composed of six research centers in UBC’s Department of Psychology, and in ongoing studies, we are trying to answer many fascinating questions about how children learn at different stages of development. Our talented research team currently includes two Canada Research Chairs and the Head of UBC’s Department of Psychology, among other top-notch researchers in the field.

We care about both the theory behind infant and child development as well as the applied and social policy implications of our work, which influence how we raise and teach our children in the classroom and at home.

These are some of the questions we ask in our studies: How does your infant’s brain respond to language? When are the critical periods of learning and can we alter or re-open them? Why and under what circumstances will your infant prefer a helpful versus unhelpful character? How does your child reason about race and gender?  Who does your child prefer to learn from? What does your child understand about numbers?  How does your infant learn that words can be labels for objects or people?

2009_Feb11_01We design our studies to be fun and easy for both parents and children! Each study entails a one-time visit to one of our research centres on UBC campus and your child would be with you the entire time.

If you would be interested in participating in one of our developmental studies with your child, you can sign up online or contact us directly.

You are welcome to click on one of our research centers to learn more about our particular areas of focus, or to read about a typical visit. You can also browse our newsletters to get an overview of our research.