Transit Directions

Our research centres are located in the Kenny Douglas Building on UBC campus (2136 West Mall V6T 1Z4), which is near the intersection of University Blvd and West Mall.  Bus schedules can be found online at We will provide you with bus tickets during your visit to help cover the cost of transit. Depending on which bus you take, you will arrive at either the North Bus Loop (red on the map below) or at the Trolley Bus Loop (blue on the map below).


  • If you arrive at the North Bus loop (circled in red on the map), walk north along the back of the Student Recreation Centre, then turn left to walk past the Student Recreation Centre and the Student Union Building until you reach East Mall. Turn left onto East Mall and follow it until you reach University Boulevard (the UBC Bookstore is on this corner). Turn right onto University Boulevard and continue 2 blocks until you reach West Mall.
  • If you arrive at the Trolley Bus loop (circled in blue on the map), you will already be on University Boulevard. Walking west on University Boulevard and walking past the UBC Bookstore and past a large fountain will bring you to West Mall.

Take a left on West Mall and the Kenny Building is the second building on your left side. Enter the Kenny Building at the ground level, and follow the signs directing you to the Centre for which you have an appointment:

Infant Studies Centre

Infant Studies Centre
Dr. Janet F. Werker
Room 1401

Social Cognitive Development Centre

Social Cognitive Development Lab
Dr. Andrew Baron
Room 1109

Centre for Infant Cognition

Centre for Infant Cognition
Dr. J. Kiley Hamlin
Room 1213

Centre for Cognitive Development

Centre for Cognitive Development
Dr. Darko Odic
Room 1222

Kid Studies Centre

K.I.D. Studies Centre
Dr. Susan Birch
Room 1106

Language Development Centre

Language Development Centre
Dr. D. Geoffrey Hall
Room 1301