Online Studies

Help science from home!

Typically, our research team reaches out to you with a study that we have available for your child. In this email, we provide you with more information about the study itself and what participating will entail. Although many of our studies are similar, each varies slightly in its nature. For example, your study could involve chatting with a researcher via Zoom, or could be a self-paced online questionnaire that you fill out about your baby.

Zoom Studies

If you agree to participate in a Zoom study, our research team will reach out to you with with instructions to join in a Zoom call at a prearranged time that works for both you and the researcher(s). Depending on the study, you can expect the study to take around 15 minutes, but we would book your ‘ virtual visit’ for 30-60 minutes in order to complete some paperwork as well as to give you an opportunity to ask questions you may have.

Lookit Studies

Some of our studies are hosted on Lookit, an emerging developmental study platform founded by researchers at MIT. Just like with our Zoom studies, we would send you a link and detailed instructions, however our Lookit studies can be completely independently whenever is most convenient for you and your child.

Online Questionnaires

We also conduct lots of online questionnaires! We would send you instructions and the link to the questionnaire; you typically can answer the questions whenever is most convenient for you within a particular window of time (for example, any time in the next two weeks).